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What is the European Healthcare Telematics Observatory

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1. What is the European Healthcare Telematics Observatory?

The Observatory helps USERS and PROVIDERS working or interested in TELEMATICS applied to HEALTH CARE to find and disseminate information.

  • Project Summary
  • Participants List

2. Methods and Services

Following methods and services have been set up by the Observatory to help you:

* The Web Site: and

    * National Language Sites
  • The Journal
  • Virtual Demo Site
  • (Electronic) Workshops

3. Guidelines for:

  • Navigation and Retrieval
    • Providing Information

    Never hesitate to contact the webmaster (tel: +32 9 240 40 67)

    4. More about this Initiative

    4.1 On the Web Site

      * Physical Location of the Observatory
    • Site Updates Record of the Web Site
    • History of the Web Site
    • Presentation Material

    4.2 From the Journal:

      * Rationale, mission and activities
    • Primary Partners
    • This is the Observatory

    4.3 From the Technical Annex:

    • Project Summary
    • Project Summary
    • Participants List

      * Project & Contractor Description
    • Rationale
    • Overall Description
    • Detailed Description, Workpackage Description
    • Project Management
    • Contractorship (Skills and Experiences)
    • Exploitation Plans